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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 5

I'm just finding this whole conversation offensive; it's always brought up when it has no merit. It's overly remniscent of the homophobia in the Superman casting thread with Cavill. I'm just over it. In here, in the Justice League thread, etc. It's just so ridiculously stupid that that's the mindset some have here, but then go on to say one is better off for Green Lantern or something. It's one of the reasons I hate coming to DC, mainly Batman, film casting threads. I rarely if ever see this in any of the Marvel movie threads.

With Cavill being the new Superman despite posters with supposed insiders denying he has a shot due to a rumor, to Heath Ledger who got huge backlash because he played a gay cowboy, it's just so ridiculous.

Saying an actor out is because of his talent level? Fine. Name recognition? Sure. Looks? Of course. But this bs regarding sexual orientation is just stupid and contradictory as I see Amber Heard still suggest for straight women roles no problem. No one goes, oh well she's a lesbian, that may bring back lash on some headlines.

Just get over it like the majority of audiences have. Studios care more about drunken antics or drug fueled incidences of their directors, actors lives than who they're sleeping with.

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