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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

I wouldn't say "Spidey by way of Chronicle" because it would not be one of those hand-held camera movies, I hate those. This would just be an aspect to update the story and explain a part of his character that is often over looked in the movies. Spider-Man jokes, that's a part of who he is as a character and what a lot of us love about him. If he makes a bad joke, he acknowledges it, he doesn't just expect it to fly or pass it off as a "corny jokes superheroes get away with", he admits it was bad.

I would see Cloak and Dagger as more a TV series, or an episode of SHIELD.

A plane crashes high in the Himalayas. there is only a single survivor, the teenage son of the rich owers of the plane. His name is Danny Rand. He is found by the inhabitants of the ancient city of K'un L'un. They take him in and help him recover. In the grief over his parents death, it actually does not occur to him to leave, he doesn't think there is anything else out there, so he stays with the inhabitants, becoming a rather scandalous figure, the only outsider permitted to walk the streets of K'un L'un, which is especially dangerous.

Basically I would want it to be an omage to martial arts movies, both the over the top appearance of the old version, to the beautiful choreography and wire work of the new school. mix in enough special effects to make it a Marvel movie (The dragon at the end) and you have something to work with.

Shang-Chi I would want to be more James bond as played by Jet-li if you catch my meaning. and intelligent thinking fighter, who has a plan laid out well in advance and every punch you think you snuck in below his defense, he let you get in to put you in exactly the place he wants you. Also a bit of the doctor, or Kal-El in Man of Steel, doing absolutely everything in his power to keep from taking a life, even one of his enemies, but in the end if he must, he will do what is necessary, and mourn his the loss of his enemy afterwards. Think, Vash the Stampede. All he wants is a quiet life, but his reputation and the demons of the past one allow that. Establish this with flash backs of rival teachings, his father in the ways of warfare, and his teachers in the ways of harmony and peace.

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