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Default Re: The Official Man of Steel Blu Ray Thread

I've already pre ordered mine through Wal Mart in store pre order. Here's the info on it.

Price: $26.98
collectible magnetic card
Part of the pre order package with linticular 3D artwork. Here is a link to an eBay auction for the magnetic card:

UltraViolet digital copy
12/01 is the date listed when available but I can't remember if this was on UltraViolet's or Vudu's site.

Exclusive contenet on Vudu
I'll have to look to see what they are because I can't remember off the top of my head.

Exclusive packaging
On the pre oder package it shows the packaging being like the picture that Ultimatehero posted except Man of Steel is vertical on the right side of the S shield insted of below it.

The pre order package says to redeem your pre order code no later than 11/4/13 to receive your Blu Ray combo pack this Fall 2013. So my guess is that the release date for the BR is probaly either 12/10 or 12/17. I say that because I also did the WM G.I. Joe Retaliation pre order thought WM and you can watch the UltraViolet digital copy on 7/16 and the BR comes out on 7/30 and also because of the 12/01 date listed on UltraViolet's or Vudu's site.

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