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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

My review:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Direction: Very good, for the most part. The handheld cam didn't bother me, although they should've eased up with the sudden zoom-ins whenever any kind of flying vehicle was shown.

Story: It was on par with BB, a discovery journey with a serviceable villain plot.

Screenplay: VERY problematic, disjointed. It made logical sense, but thematically it was incomplete, dare I say lazy. It was like a 2-hour montage of awesome scenes that never quite stuck. It's all there, it's just missing some glue.

Characters: Characters were fine. All of them. Superman underwhelmed me a bit because the theme of "choice" never stuck, so he never really made a choice. He wore the suit and he fought the bad guys. But he was really likeable and noble and optimistic, so it was Superman, so all is good. Lois had stuff to do, she was no damsel in distress, so no idea why she's getting all the flack. Even that chick Jenny was nice.

Themes: Hope and Choice. Not once fleshed out. Nature vs nurture never really played a part in characters' choices or anything. Really superficial, even by Goyer standards.

Performances: Cavill was great, as was Adams. I really liked Diane Lane and the 2 military men, as well as the Hamilton actor. Russel stole the damn show, I loved him so much. Special mention to the other females Ayelet and Antje, especially the latter and the former's cleavage. Costner and Shannon were sleepwalking through their roles, I have no idea why Shannon has inspired all this great villain talk. not even close to being top 10 in my book.

Cinematography: Top notch. Desaturated look clicked for me. The movie is gorgeous, and the fact that it was shot in film makes it even more so.

Music: Very very good and the more scifi parts of the soundtracks made for awe-inspiring moments. The heroic parts were somewhat subdued, though, for some reason.

Action: Top notch. Best ever in a CBM. Nobody will be able to touch it other than Snyder himself. Nothing more to say.

CGI: Excellent for the most part. Tbh, I didn't expect them to be SO good. Bravo.

Editing: The flashbacks weren't organically inserted in the main narrative, imo. It tried to be BB, but whereas in the latter the flashbacks were inserted strategically to maximize character development, story and themes, in MoS they're inserted in a "by the way" manner. The movie is choppy after Krypton and before Zod's arrival, but not necessarily in a bad way. I rather enjoyed Lois and Clark intercut in the latter's spaceship.

Overall: I liked it, I really really enjoyed it, but it's not reaching the genius levels of the Dark Knight Trilogy, imo. It is a good start for a Superman franchise and if they decide to **** it up by establishing a DCU, it's an even greater start. But Goyer will always need a Nolan, just like Gotham will always need a Batman. Thank God Jonah Nolan wrote the 3rd act, because that's when the movie shone, especially the ending, which took the movie a couple of notches up in my eyes. Superman killing Zod was one of the best ideas ever, and it has to take Superman to interesting places. I'm 100% behind their choice, Nolan was in the wrong to fight it, imo. I'm excited for MoS2, I jsut wish MoS was even better than it was. It's like... TASM, only (much) better. It does NOT deserve 55%. It deserves 75-80%.

7.5-8/10 (will decide on 2nd viewing)

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