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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

The movie is very pretentious. I cringed multiple times.

The action scenes were overkill but i didn't have that much problem with it. I just ignore the collateral damage. I know that in a "realistic" movie like this is presented the death toll caused by Superman would be high. I ignored it.

Cavill wasn't really that good.

Amy Adams was one of the weakest incarnations of Lois Lane.

Zod and Faora were both good.

Pa Kent was unlikeable and wrong.

The tornado scene was ridiculous. What kind of lesson is this supposed to teach?

Overall a very weirdly structured movie.

The traditional Clark Kent/Superman thing isn't going to work. To many people have seen him. The military knows he is from Smallville.

Goyer is a hack.

I didn't even feel like Superman. Even Smallville felt more like the classic Superman. I don't know. I cannot even hate the movie. It's roughly 35% good stuff, 40% **** and 25% mediocre.

Don't know what to rate.

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