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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by Pickleweasel View Post
They did. Zod was going to all the old outposts including the one on earth. He just didn't get to it yet. Clark activating the ship sped up the process but it was bound to happen anyway.
I feel like the complainers didnt actually watch the film. They didnt pay attention to anything. Angry Joe's review on Youtube explains it so well and cover the nit picking cry babies about this film. This movie was never about being a Donner copy, its not the comic book Superman. This is a modern day Superman that deals with real issues. Superman cant save everyone and people are going to die. Superman was thrust into being a savior in this movie, he had no time to fully train or hone his skills. He did save people in this movie and gave others hope. Lois fought and wasnt some floozy in her night gown drooling over Superman. This Superman is perfect and he did make a huge choice that will define his character in the next movies. i think this movie was awesome in showing how hard it is to be Superman. to be looked up to save everyone and be every where at once. He cant do that all the time. When people realize that and stop comparing this to Donner and Reeves they will see a different fresh approach to the character.

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