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Default Re: How Many Trades Do You Own ???

Originally Posted by NDX View Post
What is the average cost of binding, say... 15 comics?

Yeah, that Skinner issues really was something special for that time. Overall, that crossover was the peak for that series. Although, if I had it bound, I'd also throw the Black Letter/Switchblade crossover that happened a few years later. I love that crossover too much, even if it is just deathdeathgoredeath.
There's typically a set price for up to a certain width (usually 2 inches). The place I used to go through was $15 but it was sold and that price lost. Nowadays it's closer to $20 per volume.

And yeah, the Midnight Massacre story was good for what I read of it. I never did hunt down the entire story, but if I recall correctly it was a great deathdeathdeath story that ultimately didn't matter in the end. Still, the story was entertaining to read and the cover gimmick was pretty cool.

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