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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

I fall right down the middle in terms of my opinion which seems pretty rare for this movie. Here's what I thought:

- The cast were mostly very good, they were a couple of casting choices that I wasn't amazed by but generally everyone was excellent.
- The score was great.
- The Krypton scenes at the beginning were very cool.
- Cavill was great as Superman, looked the part and was very likeable in the role.
- The scene where Zod transmits his message to Earth about his intentions and all the power goes out was fantastic. The power going out and the "white noise" effect of the message was eerie and quite scary, the only bit of the film which roused me into thinking "wow this is really awesome!'

- The flashbacks. They just didn't seem to fit, I think perhaps they were too frequent and not long enough to have a meaningful effect. As an audience we were taken back, shown kid Superman adapting to his powers, do something heroic (the Superman theme starts playing) and then after what seemed like only 60 seconds before we get to the climax we're back to the present. I felt like I had flashback blue balls.
- Lois Lane.
- The action. Never before have I prayed for an action sequence to stop to save my senses until this movie. It just seemed like it was minute after minute of relentless explosions, everyone zipping around so fast I couldn't see half of it. It was like watching a pin ball machine, and Smallville was the table. The Matrix Revolutions handled two super beings fighting far better, and The Avengers handled city wide destruction far better. I expected better of Zak Snyder in this department.
- Superman didn't spectacularly save ANYONE in this movie, there was no moment to rival the amazing plane catching sequence in Superman Returns, where you were like "Woah, only Superman could do that!".
- The greyed out colour palette. Realistic doesn't have to mean dull as dishwater.
- Zod. I like Michael Shannon alot but his Zod was just too much of a standard issue shouty villain. It's his under the surface,creepy, menace that makes him such a tense and powerful character in Boardwalk Empire.
- Zod's death. As far as I'm concerned Superman shouldn't break peoples' necks.

After all that you would think I hated it, but generally I thought it was ok. It was far from spectacular though and at this moment in time don't really care about a sequel or a Justice League film. I'll stick with the Marvel universe.


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