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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I like ya and all, WT, but seriously: **** you and your "manchildren" snark. Goes for all the rest of you, too.

I don't give two ****s about gunfights and punch scenes; that's not what I care about in this movie. Hell, if they turn it into a 3-hour navel-gazing Terrence Malick film, I'd be all for that, too. What I care about is the portrayal of the characters, particularly the lead.

And this kind of scene does NOT portray Steve Rogers in a good light, at all. You guys are just looking at the surface: "Awwww, ain't that sweet....Steve's visiting his ol' sweetie in the nursing home and giving her that dance he promised her...." The reality of such a meeting would be a LOT more awkward and painfully unnecessary. For one, you guys seriously overexaggerate a non-physical flirt-crush from 70 years ago that was never consummated. It's not Romeo and Juliet, for crying out loud; hell, it's not even Tony and Pepper levels of "romance." But then you want to *compound* that by forcing them to relive it after Peggy has already lived her life to its fullest --- without Steve.

Ever hear of some old midlife-crisis guy or girl trying to look up their high school sweetheart to see if there's still a spark there after 20-30 years? Happens a lot. I've seen it personally, on more than one occasion, to my sister and a cousin as well. Not a pretty sight, especially since that "high school sweetheart" is usually happily married with kids, a career, and the whole nine yards. There's nothing even remotely romantic about those "reunions" --- just stalkerific and pathetic awkwardness that often winds up with the police and restraining orders getting involved. Now imagine that same scenario, with 70 years separating them....and only *one* of the "partners" aging commensurately. That's what you're talking about here.

The bottom line is that Peggy Carter lived her life in full, without Steve Rogers. She doesn't deserve to have that thrown back in her face in her waning years. Can't she die in peace, without some misplaced Harlequin romance writer shunting this kind of heartbreak from the past on her? Now she's gotta relive the pain of all the time she spent mourning Steve Rogers, summoning the courage to go on with her life, and now the facepalming pain of knowing that all she and Howard and the SSR and the rest of them had to do was make a quick recon of that big-ass iceberg where Skully's plane went down....?

This isn't romantic, people. This is sadistic. Peggy Carter deserves better than this. Steve Rogers deserves better than this.
I don't know what's gotten into you, or what about this topic touches a nerve with you. Your whole reaction to this has been over the top and bizarre. No matter how much you want to pretend it isn't true, Peggy and Cap had a relationship in TFA. Notice that there's no quotes around that word. To deny they had a meaningful relationship is to straight up lie to yourself and ignore the obvious. I expect this of some others around here, but not you. You're not this kind of poster.

The Russos are dealing with the closure to Peggy and Cap because the story of Steve Rogers demands it. No, it's not creepy for him to visit her. No, it's not drudging up her pain right before she dies. It's a moment we've all been waiting to see. Everyone except you, I guess.

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