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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

The bottom line is that Peggy Carter lived her life in full, without Steve Rogers. She doesn't deserve to have that thrown back in her face in her waning years. Can't she die in peace, without some misplaced Harlequin romance writer shunting this kind of heartbreak from the past on her? Now she's gotta relive the pain of all the time she spent mourning Steve Rogers, summoning the courage to go on with her life, and now the facepalming pain of knowing that all she and Howard and the SSR and the rest of them had to do was make a quick recon of that big-ass iceberg where Skully's plane went down....?

This isn't romantic, people. This is sadistic. Peggy Carter deserves better than this. Steve Rogers deserves better than this.
Again, we have no clue how the scene is going to be portrayed, is going to come across within the context of the movie.

I do find that saying Steve visiting Peggy is sadistic and both characters deserve better than this is way over the top. I'd say Winter Soldier is far, far more sadistic to Cap, seeing as how WS is constantly trying to kill him. This should be the flip side of that coin; Cap revisiting his past love (and yes, I do believe he was falling for her, if not already there. Sorry if you don't buy that) who isn't trying to kill him but maybe helping him let go of that part of his life.

In a narrative sense, I think, it helps bring Cap's TWS story, that he's trying to move on, but still drawn to and/or haunted by the ghosts of his past, full circle from TFA. He's going to be bombarded by his past, whether it be by Peggy, Zola, or Bucky.

And you don't hire a high calibre actress like Haley Atwell only to squander her away in a single movie. I'm so glad Marvel realized this and is giving Atwell some more things to do.

The sad thing is the response to Peggy's scenes are already getting blown up and we've seen nothing of them in the context of the actual movie. Patience, Padawans.

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