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Default Things You Would like to See in MOS Sequel(s)

Obviously there are certain villains we all want to see in these films, but I'm curious about other aspects of the Superman mythos that you would want to see in a MOS sequel.

For example, we all know Lex will show up sooner or later. And we know that when he does, he'll be the CEO of LexCorp, something I've so desperately wanted to see on film for a long time. Something else I would LOVE to see if the kryptonite battlesuit. Something like this probably wouldn't show up until late in the story when Lex is revealed to be a bad guy to the public and has nothing left to lose.

Other things...

If we ever get Brainiac, I'd love to see the skull ship, and Brainiac (at least at some point) in robot form.

I'd like to get a broad sense of the people of Metropolis, with key supporting players like Ron Troupe, Sgt. Dan Turpin and Captain Maggie Sawyer, as well as things like Project Cadmus.

If we lead into a JL film, it would be cool to see Superman constructing the Watchtower.

Once again, folks. The DC Cinematic Universe is not about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or any of that. It's about HAIR. Here's the lineup to be announced at Comic Con.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Hair (2016)
Hair League for Men (2017)
Wonder Woman's Styling Tips (2018)
Hair of Steel 2 (2018)

The Dark Knight Glazes (2019)
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