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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Ever hear of some old midlife-crisis guy or girl trying to look up their high school sweetheart to see if there's still a spark there after 20-30 years? Happens a lot. I've seen it personally, on more than one occasion, to my sister and a cousin as well. Not a pretty sight, especially since that "high school sweetheart" is usually happily married with kids, a career, and the whole nine yards. There's nothing even remotely romantic about those "reunions" --- just stalkerific and pathetic awkwardness that often winds up with the police and restraining orders getting involved. Now imagine that same scenario, with 70 years separating them....and only *one* of the "partners" aging commensurately. That's what you're talking about here.
I think the bolded part of that is where you start to miss the point of the Cap/Peggy reunion. He's not going there to see if there's still a spark. Like Suzanne said, it would be more weird if he DIDN'T go see her, considering their history. And the argument that he'd only be making her feel guilty doesn't hold water. If she feels guilty for some reason, isn't it better to go talk to her face-to-face and relieve her of her guilt? To let her die thinking she did something wrong is way more cruel and sadistic than what you're making Steve's visit out to be.

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