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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by destronomics View Post
dude, cherokeesam, Peggy was Steve's friend first. Would you be throwing this kind of a fit if he was visiting Gabe or any of the other Howling Commandos in the retirement home? Peggy is one of Steve's only living friends in the entire world, what does it say about Steve as a FRIEND that he doesn't ****ing visit her?
This pretty much right here!

It's a staple of the Captain America comics that he visits his old vet buddies. Peggy is his old vet buddy here. She also means a whole lot more to him, but regardless, she's someone he went through the ringer with in WWII.

This isn't a romantic scene, this is a bittersweet scene. It continues the tragedy that was TFA, thats what Steve's story is a tragedy, just like Banner's there is no happy ending for him. He can't just blow up his suits and have a merry christmas with the love of his life. His girl has moved on without him, his best friend has moved on without him(in a bad way), and the world itself has moved on without him. But through it all he pushes forward, as a good man.
Yep, yep, yep! Perfectly put and really does emphasize the core of Steve Rogers' "a good man" and a real hero but a man out of his time and searching for a way to live in the new world.

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