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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by destronomics View Post
dude, cherokeesam, Peggy was Steve's friend first. Would you be throwing this kind of a fit if he was visiting Gabe or any of the other Howling Commandos in the retirement home? Peggy is one of Steve's only living friends in the entire world, what does it say about Steve as a FRIEND that he doesn't ****ing visit her?
I'd be throwing a fit if he showed up to visit Gabe or any of the other Howlers and started frickin' slow-dancing with them.

Originally Posted by Wade Garrett View Post
It kinda makes me recall the last scene in Titanic. Where they pan across Rose's photos and you see that she went on to live a full life and do exciting things without Jack, but then in her (dream or heaven whichever) Her thoughts clearly go back to Jack.

Agent Carter will have clearly went on to live her life, just as the howling commandoes and Howard Stark. But I'm sure from time to time she thought of Steve. Obviously when they meet both of them are going to know they can't have a relationship again, that would be silly to even think that. But Peggy was always his reassurance in the 1940's that we was a hero. She was the one that pushed ( her pep talk after Erskine dies, Her rally just before he sets out to find Bucky, and then again regarding Bucky's death).. I think it would be nice to have a scene where a distraught Steve after facing the events of Winter Soldier, and seeing the obvious corruption of the modern day asks Peggy, "How do I live in this world?" She smiles, brushes his hair slightly and says " By staying who you are, not the perfect soldier, but a good man". This isn't a romantic scene, this is a bittersweet scene. It continues the tragedy that was TFA, thats what Steve's story is a tragedy, just like Banner's there is no happy ending for him. He can't just blow up his suits and have a merry christmas with the love of his life. His girl has moved on without him, his best friend has moved on without him(in a bad way), and the world itself has moved on without him. But through it all he pushes forward, as a good man.
Now *this* makes sense. This would work. Sashaying up to the old folks' home to have that slow-dance he promised to his old gal (literally....) *doesn't* work.

And it would work if *Peggy* is the one who contacts *Steve,* not vice versa. Again, if Steve initiates the visit for his own "closure," it makes him look like a selfish d-bag. And I'm positive that's why he wouldn't have tried to contact her himself. But if Peggy calls *him,* not just for her own closure, but to, in a sense, give Steve the freedom and "permission" to cut his ties with the past, *that* works.

Originally Posted by peterparker0077 View Post
I hope CherokeeSam never watches Highlander
I have.

Different story. In Highlander, that's his wife. That's "'til death do us part." That's where we see *her* age normally into an old woman, while he spends the same frame of time at her side, but unaging. Steve didn't do that, and Peggy isn't his wife.


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