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Default Re: Things You Would like to See in MOS Sequel(s)

As I've said before, I'd love the sequel to pick up very soon after MOS so we can see the world-wide reception to Superman. I really want some inclination of non-acceptance of Superman - actually, I wouldn't mind if that was a underlying current throughout the movie with the big save at the end eventually getting (virtually) everyone to like Superman.

I've been listening to the radio show recently, and I'd like to see Inspector Henderson, if it'll work with the story. I vaguely recall him existing on Lois&Clark, but don't read DC and am not familiar with him from any other media.

I'd like to see human beings contribute to the big save, be partially responsible for saving themselves, etc. Be in the sun with Supes. Just to contribute, as they did in this movie. Not have Superman do absolutely all the saving.

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