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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by Migu-EL View Post
Ummm.. That's why I said Dr. Hamilton in Smallville was in Man of Steel, meaning the actor that played that character. I was fully aware that the character of Dr. Hamilton was not created by the writers of Smallville. Otherwise I would have said that the character they created on Smallville was used by Man of Steel. Let's try not to jump the gun next time, ok?

Thanks, that's exactly what I meant.
Don't mention it, I know what it's like when people don't understand what I say or post the first time. It happens(it's not fun but it happens).

Most of what I hear about Man of Steel that it's either a condensed version on Superman 1 and 2 without Lex, powers like time travel and memory wiping kiss and much more serious or basically more or less 10 years of Smallville in 2 1/2 hours(only with Zod and no Lex Luthor, Superheroes and villains, kryptonite racecars, etc)

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