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Default Re: The Official Man of Steel Blu Ray Thread

Originally Posted by br0adband View Post
You can get a lot of background (or as much as will fit into a few minutes I suppose) in this video from Gym Jones - Cavill can't stop talking up Mark Twight who's the founder of that program, he mentions it in pretty much every interview:

There are others related to that program but that particular video relates directly to MoS. The current issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine has a nice article about Cavill's training and mentions that he does something in one of his very first workouts with Twight that impressed the hell out of Twight, something that's not very easily done and definitely made a huge change in attitude for Cavill in his growth into the role of Kal-El. Worth reading if you can check it out.

As for the Blu-ray/DVD thing, I'd love to see a Super-Hella-Mega-Extended Director's Cut, definitely. I'm pretty confident Zack has something special planned. It might not be the entire three hour thirty minutes they'd originally scripted (since it wasn't all filmed) but I'm sure we'll get something pretty damned amazing nonetheless.
Oh, I know, I've been watching the hell out of those. I'd just like something longer.


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