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Default Re: Who Should Play Supergirl in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by guitarking View Post
I know some people don't want the character in this series, but there's already been 6 movies of Superman as a solo hero. Superman movies are getting REALLY repetitive. Adding Kara would force this series into a fresh direction and it's pretty much inevitable since they need to head in the direction of forming the JLA.
Adding Kara would distract from the focus on this Superman's character development, especially in regards to him now being the true last of his kind and how the encounter with Zod ended. Nevermind that adding Kara would do NOTHING for a Justice League movie for many reasons, particularly the fact that Kara's never been one of the iconic League members and that with Superman, Wonder Woman and (hopefully) the Martian Manhunter being part of the JLA's Big Seven, Supergirl adds nothing in terms of uniqueness. We didn't see War Machine in the Avengers, so I doubt we'd see her in whatever Justice League movie gets thrown together.

I'm not opposed to seeing Supergirl in the movies eventually, but given that MoS is essentially a prologue to Superman's story (and a fairly fast moving one at that), the sequel will be far too soon to include her.

Finally, as with most fan casting threads, you're all wrong. The studios will likely choose someone none of you have thought of.

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