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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

hey everyone. i've already talked this over with the current oldest members of this forum, who have given me the okay to bring this idea up to everyone else. The thing is...we're talking about technology and science and stuff...but this site is for discussing pop culture and current events. And that's not really what we're doing. other than the fact that it has to do with spider-man, i just don't believe that what we're talking about belongs to a more science and technology centered website. And I know that some people here also have other projects that they're doing, that don't have anything to do about comic books. So what I'm really trying to say here is...who wants to move to our own site? With our own forums. You can talk about anything technology related. Electronic hardware, software and code, mechanical engineering, anything. I have already completed creating the majority of the site, but before i publish it, i wanted to bring up the ideas to you guys. I will post a poll, and please leave your comments and ideas here.

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