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The Return of the O.G
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Heart Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter back for Cap 2!

Romance is tough enough when you’re a superhero, let alone when you accidentally end up freezing yourself for 70 years. The last time we saw Captain America getting all lovey it was in the 1940s with Peggy Carter. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated they were never able to go on their much anticipated (non-Nazi-killing) first date. But perhaps there’s still hope? Obviously were about to discuss some potential spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier FOLLOW , so read on at your own peril.

This week we saw candid set pictures which appeared to show Steve Rogers kissing a certain Natasha Romanoff. However, some new set photos have emerged which suggests Cap might be in for some extremely bizarre and awkward emotional feelings. You see, the photo shows Hayley Atwell, who played Peggy Carter, alive and well in the modern day. Check it out below:

As you can see from the picture, Atwell has CGI markers on her face. Combine this with the new hair job and it’s pretty obvious Atwell will be aged for her role in Captain America 2. Will Steve Rogers meet his estranged love? Well, the Cleveland Heights Patch reported the location was:

a nursing home where Cap, played by Chris Evans, is visiting with his fellow World War II veterans. Also on scene was actress Hayley Atwell, who played Captain Americas love interest in the first film and was dressed as an elderly woman.
So, it looks like the two might be in for an extremely unusual encounter. Now, I can’t imagine Captain America will be rekindling his relationship with Peggy (that just raises too many ethical, moral and practical issues) but perhaps the two will finally get to go on a moving first date?

What do you think? Do you like the inclusion of Peggy Carter in Captain America 2, or would you prefer if her storyline was left behind.


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