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Default Re: Who Should Play Supergirl in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by Da Games Elite View Post
I disagree here. Supergirl could be an excellent addition, but it depends on what point in MoS2 she's introduced. Give Superman half the film to feel alone in the world, THEN introduce hints of Supergirl before we meet her properly. That way, we feel the contrast Superman feels. First, he's alone, but then he finds hope that there might be someone out there he can connect to. Make him question whether or not she's a threat like Zod or Faora, then trust forms. That could be an excellent arc, even in one movie.

Yes, Supergirl probably won't be a League member. However, that doesn't mean she can't be in a JLA film or play some part to some capacity. And, even then, it doesn't matter if Supergirl is in JLA. What matters is what role she plays in Superman's story.

Plus, we need more kick-ass ladies. That is simply a must. Without Faora, we'll have a real deficit of awesome Kryptonian women. >_<
Good. We need a real deficit of any Kryptonians aside from the Last Son. Give him a full movie by himself at least, let him (I know this one's a stretch, but bear with me) connect to his human friends and family.

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