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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
I enjoyed Man of Steel for what it was, although it still can't touch the Donner films and I remain gladder than ever that Zack Snyder never got his over-caffeinated hands on a Wolverine movie.
I don't feel the need to consently bash man of steel.I will be watching the
Donner films(Original Superman and his cut of Superman II)+Superman
Returns(I view those 3 as trilogy) when I watch Superman In Live action.

Just remember man of steel when some try to claim your not a real X-Men
fan If you like Bryan Singer's X-Men films.

Hopefully The Wolverine can be In legaue of X-Men,X2,and first Class and not
Origins,and Last Stand.

So far my gut feelings on summer movies have been right on final result so If my gut holds up the wolverine Is going to be good.

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