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Default Re: Bryan Cranston for Lex Luthor

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
You mean him and Billy zane right?

I love Cranston but i'm sure a lot of people are just bringing him up due to the bald thing he has experience with (easier to manip right?).

For Lex i'd like to see an actor cast that is as unlikely an obvious pick as Heath ledger was for the joker, just to shake things up.
for me Matthew McConaughey is that guy much like ledger who before tdk has star studding performances like broke back mountain which got him nominated and Candy with abbie cornish he was on the rise

matthew has been on the rise with movie after movie and performance after performance since 2011 with Lincoln lawyer,Bernie,killer joe,magic mike,paperboy,mud and now he has chris nolan's interstellar

matthew is good looking guy and can easily make the audience and public buy him as the good guy on the surface with how charming and likeable he is and as killer joe showed he can be downright viscous

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