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Default Re: Should they introduce Kara Zor-El in the sequels?

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Ok so I was on youtube watching this video and I saw the most ridiculous comment for an origin for how they could do the Amazons/Kara Zor-El in the Man of Steel universe. I figured you guys might get a kick out of this.

I guess with each generation Kryptonian powers get diluted further and further resulting in the Amazons we know and love today. Then Wonder Woman becomes what? The 1st Amazon with some semblance of vestigial Kryptonian abilities, thus making her special?

For this theory, no thanks I want the real Wonder Woman please, you know the one just like in the comics?
That's very interesting, it's diff and I like it.

Since there's a prequel story i believe Kara should be an outsider someone who became very close with a local ice fishing community and being very sheltered and not knowing earth is actually advanced. After sometime her family dies and she's forced to go beyond the village and happens to return to the ship but she realizes it's missing. That starts her on a journey to find it and she makes it to a bar where she sees superman on the news flying around saving people. Thinking he stole the ship and the suit (that was intended for her male co pilots/ royal explorer suit) she gets pissed and goes to metropolis to find him. Meanwhile superman has to stop an asteroid that's coming towards earth but incase he fails the military is ready to fire nukes at it. Superman goes towards te asteroid only to realize he's getting weak and gets knocked out and as its coming to earth lex (who is a arms tech manufacturer) has his weapons blast the asteroid into peices. Knowing that part of the asteroid landed in certain areas he has his men get te peices and bring it to him. He deduces superman was hit and weakened and ends up activating brainiac which is a defunct ai that was used to compute and monitor kryptonian info/ manufacturing. Lex attempts to modify it and ends up corrupting brainiac and after keeping it locked up brainiac escapes.

Now as superman comes to question luthor, he realizes that parts of the rock attached to brainiac start to glow green in his desk and superman starts to sweat and feel ill. Luthor pretty much figures out it might be weakening him but gives him info on brainiac and that it was corrupted. As superman leaves hearing explosions he takes off only to be slammed into a few buildings. Big fight with Kara and superman as she doesn't know he's her cousin and she just thinks he stole the suit and the ship.

Finally they end up getting on the same page and he takes her to the ship aka fortress of solitude. Gets more answers on why she's there. Then brainiac sends a message to all of earth claiming control of the inferior planet. So Kara and superman go stop him and end up damaging him. Brainiac escapes only to get back at lexs place because he had tech that could help him with repairs. Luthor agrees if he can control earth as brainiac wants to go to another more advanced planet and asks him to rid him of superman. He gives him kryptonite and again a big battle is staged. Only to have Kara and supes against the ropes and batman comes to stop the carnage as he's been following up on brainiac. Brainiac is destroyed and the warning beacon is picked up by darkseids commanders and the ship is set on course for earth.

This could be a set up for jl. Sorry had a break between studying for boards and thought I'd share. Plenty of gaps but possibly a way of moving forwards to jl.
At that point there might not be a need for an origins story for batman but maybe a movie about him being a few years in fighting someone in the rouges gallery.

Ok I think I need sleep.

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