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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
After all the speculation in this thread, I was pretty happy with what we got. Superman was powerful enough to be impressive, but not so powerful that he was unbeatable or nothing seemed like a challenge to him.

They showed a good range of his powers - strength, speed, flight, heat vision, invulnerability, X-Ray vision, and so on. I was particularly happy with how they handled heat vision and the effects in doing so. Strong enough to melt part of a steel girder being swung by Zod, but also focused enough to cauterize the wound Lois sustained in the ship when she's following Clark.

I also like Jor-El's speech to him about being 'more powerful' than he could have imagined, and about 'testing his limits'. That suggests that we may not yet have seen just what the MOS version of Superman is capable of - he may not even know his own limits when it comes to strength/speed/etc.

Did we get microscopic vision in MOS when Superman is standing with Martha at the farmhouse and you see him kinda zooming in on the ship in the sky? Or would that be classed as telescopic vision?
He already seemed more powerful than the other Kryptonians, and even flew up into the gravity beam thing from the World Engine, so I think his power levels are good. And I think that that would be telescopic vision.

I believe in Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin as Superman!
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