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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

Originally Posted by DareDemon View Post
I'm thinking something similar to Titanfall's jump kit would be good, just even more so with the superhuman strength and speed. It doesn't make sense to me that 500 years in the future our super soldier technology is so small.

I mean, sure, it looks like the Spartans can jump higher than any modern human could, but considering just how strong and fast they are it doesn't really feel like you're a superhuman. It feels like you're a tough normal guy but with shields. A grunts head should explode. I should be able to jump 20 feet straight up.

A lot of armor abilities should be integrated into the armor, not only having to pick one. Jump kit/thruster pack/jet pack combo on your back, invisibility, hard light shields, regenerators, etc. All of those things I can see not being able to use the same time, sure, but being able to seamlessly switch should be in human ability, but a story perspective. I just don't buy that humans couldn't figure it out on their own after 500 years, never mind that they've been reverse engineering alien tech.

Im aware my ideas might completely change or even break the game, but I think it makes more sense logically.
I remember seeing the Titanfall gameplay and thinking "Dammit Halo! This is what I wanted..." I'm fine with the jump height for the most part, I just feel like if we could interact with surfaces for combat (being chased by a Promethean, you jump at a wall, tap jump again, causing Chief to step off of wall and into the Promethean, where you can then hit melee to take out a significant amount of the Promethean's health - so, A+A+B while directing the stick), or increased jumping distanced by taking advantage of the momentum.

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