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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS*

Originally Posted by Visiting Arkham View Post
Well, now that the film has premiered it's time to get into the dirty little details. While many people love Man of Steel (especially on this board), there are many others whose expectations were not met, who have things they would change, or outright hate the film. This is not a place for a "You're wrong, I'm right!" argument to break out, rather, it's for those who feel unfulfilled by what they saw and and would ultimately change things given the chance.

I have many more floating around in my head, but I thought I'd start off the conversation and maybe pepper them in as people post. Again, this is not meant as a hatefest, merely a place to vent frustrations. Better luck in 2015, Superman (aka, please give David Goyer something else besides Man of Steel 2 to do).
I can understand most of these complaints. I often watch films and imagine little tweeks that would have made all the difference.

How did you find Superman Returns? Seems like these are flaws that were carried over from that picture in some ways. From "Suit reveal", the "conversational protagonist", inventive kryptonian elements..etc.
Thinking about it, I've never actually seen a suit reveal handled with as much energy as Lois&Clark.

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