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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
I didn't love the suit reveal. Where'd it come from how did it fit Clark so well. Was someone from the House of El one of the people on the ship and that's why his suit was there?
Jor El explained it was the El's that led the expeditions to other worlds so I think that's a good explanation as to why there'd be a suit there. Also it was different to Jor El's and had a cape attached so maybe that was an earlier suit worn by El's in the past. As for the fit its alien maybe it adapts to your physiology, that's not so hard to but when you look at the tech Kryptonians use.

Also on Modern Myth Meda one if them came up with a great explanation that the suit would be a formal wear for them to wear when meeting with leaders if other worlds etc.

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