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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by mightiest_mortal View Post
Jor-El - 'Wow the colour's really faded over 20,000 years. It used to be a lot brighter"
Jor-El - 'It will remove your facial hair, however.'

I thought it possible that the suit was fabricated when the "Jor-El" program took over the scout ship.

Just saw it a second time and my two main complaints stand
  • Clark's identity can easily be found out
  • The damn lens flares

That and I still HATE the scene where he gets revenge on the trucker. It was a weak attempt at humor. It added nothing to the actual story and is counterpoint to the scene where his father lectures him about fighting and even Kal's character. The scene weakens his choice to fight later.

EDIT: Found this by another write:

Yet at some point we need to see what his moral values are. We need to see a dramatic illustration of what he believes, what he chooses. This movie avoids that at every opportunity. Even when he walks away from a confrontation in a bar, it's not because he wants to avoid violence or revenge, but because he wants to avoid exposure. He follows through on the violence and revenge when he vandalizes the bully's property.

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