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Somebody named DeputyRiley said he listened to the score, and said this about it...

Just listened today! What can I say, it's just freakin' awesome. I pretty much gush about Beltrami all the time, so it's nothing new from my keyboard, but Wolverine is just outstanding. Better than World War Z for sure, and nearly as brilliant as Snowpiercer, which in my opinion is a work of genius. Hyperbole, schmyperbole, I am passionate about this stuff. Wait till you hear what Beltrami did with the harmonica in Wolverine!
Only heard the album, which has a few tweaks to be made but is nearing finalized. Will hear complete soon but am utterly captivated by the album, which is terrific -- very action-heavy towards the middle, a few beautiful delicate passages, some ethereal dreamy cues, some suspense, very epic towards the end ("Sword of Vengeance" hits insane heights of epicness and power). Doesn't go overboard with Japanese ethnic orchestration, it's there but not blunt force...except at times some Blade 2-esque percussive action music!
It's pretty cool. Haven't seen the film obviously but the harmonica seems to represent the lone westerner in a faraway culture kind of thing.
Haha, hate to mention it again, but along with thickly-orchestrated and -arranged percussion elements, some of the brass blasts also reminded me of Blade 2, even down to some timpani rolls that encouraged more B2 flashbacks...if you love the score you'll know what I mean. Get ready for Wolverine dude, it's your cup of sake!

Another ethnic aspect to the score is the ultratalented Sara Andon's flute performances, which are gorgeous in some of the prettier parts of the score, and subtly evoke Japan without going into common filmscore caricature.

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