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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

My changes:

- Two fade shots: 1) instead of the awkward cut from Kal-El's ship to fisherman Clark, cut to black, show the "S" (they didn't do that anyway, did they?), hear some ocean sounds, then open/cut to the ship. 2) fade into black after Superman kills Zod, then fade out of black when we see the General, the Captain, and Superman destroying the spy drone. That way, you'll feel the passage of time after the final fight instead of looking to realize that.

- Put the flashbacks into the right place, not wrong places: 2 are not where they need to be, while the other 2 1/2 are. Solution? Remove the senses and bus flashbacks, and have them be part of the story Clark gives to Lois at the cemetery along with the death of Pa Kent scene. That way, he explains his story and why he remains hidden to Lois, and Lois gets her expose but also gets a realization and error in her ways. A double meaning, and better use of the first two flashbacks.

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