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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Pa Kent. Nearly no emotion in this scene. We should have seen the Kents actually find baby Clark. It would have had greater impact seeing the Kents as actual people. Instead, there was no connection. They were just some people in some flashbacks. Ma Kent, also no emotion. Should have had Clark get out of bed and see his parents before going to school or something at least. Smallville did it better.

I felt nothing for Clark when he was flying. I know it was supposed to be grand like "yeah finally! I'm so with him, this is fun!" except it fell flat. I mean it looked cool and all but...his "woohoo" I'm like, okay good for you.
Also the flashbacks should have all been done (in order, except for the last cape scene) before he got the fortress and put on the suit. Maybe that would have helped...

Perry White and all the idiots standing around watching the buildings fall on them. Jenny? Do we care that she's stuck? Did she even have a line before that?

The dialogue/delivery for Superman: "Do you think! You can threaten! My mother!" "You're a monster Zod, and I will stop you!" reminds me of "So you came to die with your city" "No, I came to stop you..."

Pacing was off. Like that scene where Superman destroys the drone.

Action was amazing, the visuals were good. I didn't care Metropolis was destroyed, I've been waiting to see Superman get crazy action scenes and that worked for me. Michael Shannon & Russell Crowe were especially good. Crowe reminded me of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan. Henry was decent. Amy was okay, not terrible.

Could have been a lot better, could have been worse. Felt rushed as opposed to Batman Begins pace. Not really looking forward to other DC characters being done like this. Should just bring back Bale and do a WF film.

PS I remember another thing. Why did the Kryptonians have time to banish (save) Zod and his gang (criminals) yet stood idle as they all died as the planet exploded?? Their last moments are to save the criminals and die themselves? O-kay...
How soon after they put Zod in the Phantom Zone did Krypton explode? Did they not know it would release them? Did they really just waste their time putting Zod and his people away only to explode the next minute, releasing Zod and friends?

PPS now that I think about it, Metropolis was destroyed yet Clark comes to work at the end of the movie at the DP as if nothing happened to the city? I don't remember but did it look damaged or did it look perfectly fine?

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