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Default Re: Casting the DC Universe - Part 1

Superman: Henry Cavill
Batman: Michael Fassbender
Wonder Woman: Emily Blunt
The Flash: Ryan Gosling
Green Lantern: Idris Elba
Aquaman: Charlie Hunnam
Martian Manhunter: Chiwetel Ejiofar
Lex Luthor: Matthew McConaughey
Brainiac: Benedict Cumberbatch

I tried to cast each character with solo spin offs in mind. I feel that each of the seven could carry their own film. The names I chose aren't new but I feel they're some of the best options.

I'd like to see Kara introduced. Amber Heard could play her.

Green Lantern reboot..

Hal: Chris Pine
Sinestro: Mads Mikkelsen
Carol Ferris: Rose Byrne

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