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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

I was terribly disappointed by the writing. The visuals, the casting, and the score were great, but the story and the characterization of Superman were WAY wrong. I would have Goyer and Snyder watch a few of DC's animated films to get a better sense of the character - especially the recent "Superman vs. The Elite". While I don't think SvtE is the best film I've ever seen, it "gets" the character of Superman correctly.

Also - I feel like Snyder's approach to the film was done with an interest in having explosive, finale-crescendo beats throughout the entire film. "Kill 'em with WOW," if you will. The problem is that if every other minute is "WOW", it lessens the impact of a "Super" man. How are we impressed by this guy flying if his dad rode a FOUR WINGED DRAGON?!?! How are we impressed by this guy's heat vision if Zod can master this stuff in less than 24 hours? How are we impressed by his ability to take out the Kryptonians if Lois Lane can shoot and kill three of them with an alien "head shot" gun?

So many lazy, indifferent moments that I started losing track of them...

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