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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
PS I remember another thing. Why did the Kryptonians have time to banish (save) Zod and his gang (criminals) yet stood idle as they all died as the planet exploded?? Their last moments are to save the criminals and die themselves? O-kay...
How soon after they put Zod in the Phantom Zone did Krypton explode? Did they not know it would release them? Did they really just waste their time putting Zod and his people away only to explode the next minute, releasing Zod and friends?

PPS now that I think about it, Metropolis was destroyed yet Clark comes to work at the end of the movie at the DP as if nothing happened to the city? I don't remember but did it look damaged or did it look perfectly fine?

PS The council didn't believe Jor-El or didn't know when it would happen.

PPS Undetermined amount of time has passed. Plus the Daily Planet could have been temporarily re-stationed.

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