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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

lex and metallo. the story would be lex rebuilds metropolis. he's looked at as the real savior of metropolis, and lexcorp gains government contracts to create a superman deterrent. people love lex and are very wary of superman since he only brings destruction. what they don't know is that lex is financing terrorism in the form of intergang. lexcorp builds a super suit piloted by john corben. he gets into an accident on it's unveiling, and lex decides to rebuild him using intergang technology. during all of this lois and clark are working on a story to expose lex as a villain. in the end lex walks away, and corben is imprisoned. lex is transported somewhere and meets intergang's technology supplier, darkseid(or steppenwolf to lead up to darkseid).

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