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Default Re: What do you want FOX to show at this year COMIC CON?

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Releasing a trailer in November, especially early November, might be too soon. Fox could release the trailer with The Hobbit: There and Back Again, on December 18. If the studio chooses to release one before the new year, hopefully it doesn't wait until Night at the Museum 3. It's a Fox movie, but I don't think the trailer would get as much attention as it would if it were released with the other films suggested.
never its too soon to an Event movie like this

but yeah, attaching the trailer to The Hobbit 2 is like a must. Thats a 1 billion franchise, so if Fox could attach it to one movie, that should be it. And its the same audience too, so yeah, lets hope at least The Hobbit and Hunger Games show the trailer.

If Fox achieves that, I'll have even more confidence on the movie's impact worldwide.

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