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Default Re: Was concerned about the film

If they are doing significant reshoots they should be including Hemsworth, and I think we'd hear about if he had to bulk up again.

Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
Yep Im back.I hope Im not chased away again by rapid Thor fns who wont take any critcism of the film.
As for the reported reshoots,I cld care less about-Im not worried.
Criticism is just fine. The TV look one is a particularly odd one though. I've yet to hear any good analysis of why it supposedly looks like TV so it's hard to take it seriously (the last time I spoke to someone about it Spartacus was mentioned, which was hilarious). If a high budget movie looks like TV there should be plenty of crystal clear examples of it's failings to use.

I'm not a bigger fan of anything than I am of A Song of Ice and Fire and as much as I'd want GoT to be perfect I can't say that it looks as good as some of the shots the Thor 2 teaser. Of course other shots look the same as GoT has more effort put into scenery and costume than most fantasy movies, but that's naturally a case of where GoT looks like cinema rather than the contrary.

I can only imagine that the TV criticism against the teaser would have to do with cinematography, and it would be interesting to hear what kind of breakdowns you'd do of the short glimpses of scenes we see.

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