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Default Re: Was concerned about the film

Originally Posted by SpocksBrain View Post
With some big films, "re-shoots" or "pick-ups" are actually scheduled as a normal part of production.

No matter the script, often when they are cutting the film together they find things that aren't working or things that need something extra, or think a new scene or alternate scene would work better. Lesser films just work with what they have. Some of the better planned ones schedule in time to do these "pick-ups" a few months after principle photography has wrapped.

This was common practice on The Lord of the Rings films, for example.

Of course, the problems during the production of World War Z was a different type of thing.
Yes indeed. Smart planning is to book time for reshoots/pick ups far in advance so your cast and crew will be available if you need them.

In this case since Alexander injured herself she missed over a month of shooting IIRC. And since she's the one who tweeted about hitting the gym to prep for reshoots, I don't think we have anything to worry about.

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