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Default Re: Batman: The Ultimate Evil

Because the subject manner is not appropriate for a movie that is PG or less and is "Batman"..which is still a mainstream attraction for general audiences. It's not some cult thing.

These movies are mainly made for the general audience, theyre not just made for the fans like us. A Mad Hatter pedophile story can work out just fine in a comic but it's a different medium with children going to see these movies with their parents or parents who wont like that kind of thing. With the studios experience with Batman Returns where it was a turn-off for parents to hear the sexual innuendos, the Penguin wanting to abduct babies and throw them in the sewers lol...WB aren't going to take that chance again. It doesn't matter what era we live in.

The only way it happens is if Mad Hatter is a side character and he's trying to abduct children then Batman stops him, end of.

You can make Mad Hatter extremely creepy on film but I don't see any depth in him. I find him a stupid character anyway, and there's better villains with better stories that they can do.

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