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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

I am sick of people bad talking Smallville all the time. It does not get half the kind of credit it deserves, both as a general TV show AND in the comics industry. It has influenced so much, so much of the comics and Superman in general has changed to adapt to the show, I dont know if Lex had known of Clark before Superman (before Smallville) but the show made that storyline popular. They made Clark's parents younger, they made the decsison to have classic characters meet Clark before he's Superman. They directly inspired the show Merlin on the BBC UK. The success of the show more than likely paved the way for Arrow to even exist. Yes it had some bad storylines (like all shows do) but the good ones really seemed to balance it out and I thought it was a genuine effort for a TV show and I always hate when I hear people saying it was a 'crappy' show or whatever else.


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