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Default Re: What are the worst comic book movies of all time?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Really? I actually would've never thought that.

So what did TDK(R) do that you didn't like the latter two films of Nolan's trilogy?
I've been consistent in my praise of BB(yes, it has some problems but they don't sink the film) forever on here. It's the only thing mainly about Batman that I've ever liked(I don't like any of the 1st 4 films or the Batman cartoons). At the point that BB came out I never thought I'd see something regarding Batman that I would like. So you can imagine my surprise when I really liked Begins.

As to your other question:

TDK ended up being more contrived and plot convenient than I ever could have imagined. If I had bothered to watch The Prestige before seeing TDK then I might have been primed to lower my expectations since it's just as bad, IMO.

TDKR(which I think is better but still not quite good enough for me to give a pass to) was sunk ultimately because it bored me so much. There's some good stuff in there but I just didn't like the story and thought Bane was a very lackluster villain. Catwoman was the lone bright spot for me in that movie. But even she wasn't enough to save the film for me.

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