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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by Schlosser85 View Post
Just watched Man of Steel today. In a nutshell, great spectacle at the expense of heart. Snyder cuts the heartfelt scenes short while spending like an hour masturbating to Michael Bay levels of colossal destruction. I did enjoy it though, overall. Cavill and Adams didn't have enough chemistry for me to buy their kiss, Costner and Fishburne didn't have enough screentime and Costner's death scene was too goofy to have the "ERMAGHERD NOT PA KENT!!!" impact I feel like it was meant to, and Goyer's clunky on-the-nose dialogue was flying proudly. I did find Shannon as Zod surprisingly restrained and three-dimensional and almost more misguided than evil, which made him kinda interesting.

Agree with that completely. I don't understand those who felt Shannon's performance was bad, or bland. I thought he was probably the most sympathetic and empathetic villain in a CBM I've seen since probably Spiderman 2.

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