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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Finally got around to seeing the movie. A solid 7/10 for me, a good popcorn blockbuster if ultimately forgettable one. Went in with a lot of expectation after trailer #3 hyped me up to no end, but felt the trailer told the better story than the actual movie - think the editing especially let the movie down. Maybe the director's cut can rectify this issue.

While the CGI and big action scenes were well done - the Smallville fight was excellent - it become excessive by the time Supe's mano a mano with Zod came about. Spectacle was present but there wasn't either any payoff (emotional or otherwise) or scenes which screamed epic. Just very Transformers-esque. In comparison, I thought Chronicle's end superpowered fight was more gripping with more stakes involved. People were hurt and bloodied, property damaged - felt grittier and hence more involving because of the raw mix of CGI and practical effects.

Loved the ending scene and line, and wished there was more of the same. The movie suffered from the lack of such wow moments, movie magic moments. Didn't mind the lack of humour, since Snyder and Goyer were going for the more steely, more realistic approach, which makes the "I just think he's kinda hot" line seems all the more out of place.

But it ended on a high note, and I'm very much looking forward to the sequel. Great cast of actors, and Henry Cavill is definitely this generation's man of steel.

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