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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread: - Part 4

Mangold: The reason that I hesitate is that I don’t want to give away the surprise, but more to that the movie is a mystery. The movie itself is kind of a labyrinth. There’s so many kinds of ways to tell a story. If you don’t just kind of have a very clear bad guy who, as I said, has an agenda to destroy x, then your story operates more from ground level with Logan figuring out what’s going on. And so very much, whether you’re talking about Viper or Mariko or Yukio or Yashida or Shingen or Noburo, you’re trying to figure out where they all stand. Everyone’s got secrets and everyone’s got surprises, not just Viper. The joy of the film to me is trying to figure out, like Logan is, you land in this Oz, you don’t really have your feet planted on the ground, you don’t know the way things operate here and you don’t know the language. So there’s a level where the interesting quality of the movie is watching him with us unpeel what the hell is going on.

Mangold said something briefly similar in the video interview from last year on The Wolverine movie website.

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