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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Digging this dusty old thread back up, since Dr. Strange has been confirmed for an SDCC 2013 official announcement next month, and the boards are lighting up about it everywhere but here.

I can't link to CBM, as everyone here knows, but just search a few of the articles on the front page. Especially from TheDailySuperHero, who's got a lot of info about the emerging details of the Dr. Strange movie. Eh Maybe (aka El Mayimbe) also weighs in, for those who actually still give him any credibility, and willingly "reveals" plot details on his Vimeo channel, beginning with Part 1 this week. HEAVY SPOILER ALERT, if there's any truth at all to Eh Maybe's source, but the story sounds plausible so far:
Apply Occam's Razor here:

Which is the simplest situation?

An already discredited blogger and BS artist somehow gets ahold of a copy of a million dollar script for a movie that will, at the earliest be in pre-production in 12 months, is allowed to read it and post it online without a little jingle from the Marvel Legal Department....


A discredited blogger, BS artists and liar hears some random crap, perhaps gets a few old notes from early drafts, concocts a wild scenario to bring clicks to his fundraising project with no jingle from Marvel Legal....

One cut from Occam's Razor says that #2 is the obvious answer.

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