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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**

Originally Posted by Heliflyer View Post
Apply Occam's Razor here:

Which is the simplest situation?

An already discredited blogger and BS artist somehow gets ahold of a copy of a million dollar script for a movie that will, at the earliest be in pre-production in 12 months, is allowed to read it and post it online without a little jingle from the Marvel Legal Department....


A discredited blogger, BS artists and liar hears some random crap, perhaps gets a few old notes from early drafts, concocts a wild scenario to bring clicks to his fundraising project with no jingle from Marvel Legal....

One cut from Occam's Razor says that #2 is the obvious answer.

I'm not a fan of Eh Maybe at all, and he's likely to be full of b.s.; but, as you say, it's probably based on old information that may or may not still be part of the working draft. In any event, the main thing I wanted to do here was to bring back discussion of Doc Strange, since what *isn't* b.s. is the fact that this movie is now A Thing, and will officially be named as such at SDCC next month, and we're starting to get some info and speculation about it now at long last.


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