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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'm not a fan of Eh Maybe at all, and he's likely to be full of b.s.; but, as you say, it's probably based on old information that may or may not still be part of the working draft. In any event, the main thing I wanted to do here was to bring back discussion of Doc Strange, since what *isn't* b.s. is the fact that this movie is now A Thing, and will officially be named as such at SDCC next month, and we're starting to get some info and speculation about it now at long last.
Point taken and received! And Doctor Strange was the very first comic I was allowed to have a subscription for! I grew up in a VERY VERY VERY small and isolated Adirondack Mountain town and got into comics around grade 6. The very first Marvel comic I bought was an issue of Powerman and Iron Fist, the issue with "El Scorpion" - can still picture that cover....but this was the day when Marvel still had that little page you would cut out (that makes collectors cringe!), fill out, and mail in with a check....I loved the name Doctor Strange, had no idea who or what he was, just liked the name...

Pisser came when I realized it was bi-monthly! Imagine a 10 year old having to wait 6-8 weeks for his first comic in the remote (read HillbillyLand) hinterlands. When that first issue hit my mailbox I was hooked! LOVED Strange!!! It was issue 60 of the late 70s/early 80s series. Had a full cover low-angle of Strange and the story was how he was in "Despair" from losing Clea, after she went back to the Dark Dimension.

Loved the character because he had a romantic side as well as a side that could do some serious S****!!!

So, Doctor Strange, welcome to the MCU!!!!

(And Jon Hamm IS Doctor Strange!!!)

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