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Default Re: What are the worst comic book movies of all time?

No if the genre has become anything is consistently good. In spite of what damaged dudes in the forum (including me of course) think, all movies after Iron Man are solid with only 2 downs, Iron Man 2 and Green Lantern. Even if i didn't like Captain America's James Bond rushed stupid climax it was a solid piece of superhero cinema, at least the 2/3 of it same thing for Batman, MoS and IM3. Personal preference conflicts with fact, and the fact is that these films are at least well made technically and to me thats a big step forward. We have to fix the stories and the people that worked on these films. Shane Black didn't give a **** about Iron Man as a character, Nolan didn't give a **** about Batman, Martin Campbell didn't give a **** about Green Lantern. Black and Nolan delivered good movies because it fit their style and preference. Iron Man 3 is a buddy-cop comedy without the cop part. Batman is a detective character piece. If Nolan was given Burton's script he would have failed and if Black was given Iron Man one he would have done the same. IMO of course.

Campbell was so out of his territory when he made GL.

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