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Awesome Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by ares834 View Post
Except Hemsworth's interview here basically says the opposite with Thor being less god-like.

Edit: Found the Hemsworth interview. This is what he says, "I really wanted to ramp up his skill set in battle. He's not just this Viking throwing the hammer. Here he's more demigod with dynamic moves we haven't seen before."

So with this quote and the other I'm not sure what's going to happen... lol
that right there has me so geeked...
i just imagined Thor traveling lightspeed attacking groups of dwarves at a time but it seeming like hes teleporting through bolts of lightning how azazel or nightcrawler teleported in the x-films, that would be sooo amazing. And it would shut up the MOS fanboys about their speedblitz permanently.

I can also see a massive scale attack on Asgard and Earth at the same time where Malekith forces Thor to choose between saving Earth or Asgard. It would be incredible to witness Malekith summoning an asteroid meteor shower to pummel earth but at the same time using Dark magic to deteriorate Asgard.

Thor can do alotta things but he can't be too places at once, and he's forced to decide to choose between Asgard- the only home he knows, or to defend Earth from a conflict it didn't even choose.

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Apocalypse scares me...he is why i dont visit earth that much

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